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Hero Cam Art is one of the leading, full-service Top-notch photography, Cinematography, Post Production agency offering suitable, cost-effective solutions for Pre-Wedding, Wedding, Commercial, Fashion, Short Films, Web Series & Event photography & Cinematography. Based in Mumbai.  We have 10 plus years of experience in delivering images / Videos that adhere to Professional standards and client specifications. 

Our excellent team includes experienced photographers, Cinematographers, DOPs and Post Production experts. We work hard to win the faith of our clients and offer them what they have visualized. Hero Cam Art is one stop Solution for all Photography & Video Production requirements..


Team Hero Cam Art is Dedicated & Inclined to Produce only the Best and Beautiful that we can Provide to our Clients. Our Team only Consists of Deep-down Artists by Heart. We believe, we have only ONE MISSION of our life, that is to Produce / Create most beautiful and Memorable assets of the Art Craft of Photography & Cinematography for the Generations to remember.


   Manish D. Sharma & Vishal D. Sharma got the Legacy of Art in Inheritance, which runs in to their Blood & Guts from their father as well as ‘Guru’ Mr. Dharamdev L. Sharma a Renowned photography / Dark Room Artist of The Golden Era. 

 The saying “Born with the Golden Spoon” Mixes well with them as “Born with the Golden Camera”. Their mere Presence on the sets, is inspirational Positive vibration for all the Team Members and work environment, resulting in… the most Complicated Projects work  flow becomes buttery smooth with flying Colors….